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Manufacturing Process

Water drawn from bore wells is stored in an underground reservoir and pumped to the treatment plant designed, engineered and installed by M/s ION Exchange (India) Ltd., the market leaders in the field of water treatment with well over 37 years of experience.

  • Activated Carbon Filter; Stage 1 & 2 – Stage 1 removes dust, dead microbes, odour/colour and stage 2 is for removing pesticides.
  • Auto Softener Unit (ASF) - Hardness of water is removed by ion exchange resin.
  • Ultra Filtration Unit (0.001 micron membrane)–Colloidal, suspended particles and pyrogenic species are filtered out through Ultra Filtration membranes.
  • Reverse Osmosis (membrane 0.0001 micron) –All dissolved impurities are removed. Anti scaling agent not used. (All competitors use it to enhances membrane life)
  • Marble chip filter- To boost "pH". Exclusive process adopted by Rail Neer.
  • Two stage Micron Filters (first membrane 1 micron followed by 0.2 micron)- Impurities with size more than 0.2 micron are filtered out.
  • Ultra Violet Sterilizer Unit- UV-light causes change in the genetic material of micro organisms and thus prevents them from reproducing.
  • Ozonising Unit- Water comes in contact with ozone gas for final disinfection from the micro organisms. The nascent oxygen is powerful oxidising agent and kills the microbes.

The plant technology employs 8 purification processes capable of yielding water quality conforming to BIS standard IS 14543-2004.

Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine

Rail Neer bottles are manufactured with automatic blowing machine (Make –M/s Sidel India Ltd) at plant with high grade resin performs. Preforms are made only with HUSKY or Krosmafi machine.

Automatic Rinsing Filling & Capping Machine

Bottle blown at blowing machine travels through air conveyer to automatic Rinsing Filling & Capping machine (Make-M/s Hi-Mech) where bottles are rinsed in inverted position by very high pressure jet and water is completely drained out as bottle is inverted then it get filled with the help of nozzle and passed to capper where the same get capped. The temperature of filling area is kept at 20 degree centigrade and this area is completely enclosed and restricted area and no one except filling operator is allowed to enter the area.

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